Ichabod Learns About Banking in this Clip from Sleepy Hollow Season 2

Some of "Sleepy Hollow's" best moments are those that focus on Ichabod's introduction to modern conveniences, and in this new clip from the Season 2 premiere, Abbie teaches him the finer points of banking in the 21st century.

Make a Date With The Mummy

Just a day after announcing that Alex Kurtzman is now at the helm of The Mummy, we have a release date to share with you cats. Look for the latest reboot to unwrap in theatres on June 24, 2016.

Try to See 'In the Dark' with these Stills and Preview of Under the Dome Episode 2.06

I may well be the last DC staffer still watching "Under the Dome," but, just like when driving by a train wreck, I can't help myself. If you're in the same boat, here's a peek at Episode 2.06, "In the Dark."

Full Moon Entertainment and Action Lab Comics Join Forces for Puppet Master Comic Series

One of the cooler pieces of news to come out of Comic-Con was the announcement by Charles Band of Full Moon Entertainment and Brian Seaton of Action Lab Comics about their partnership to create a comic book series based on the Puppet Master saga.

Go Into the Storm with Another TV Spot and New Featurette

We have just one more week to wait until we can head Into the Storm, and to help get us all ready, Warner Bros. has released TV spot number two plus a new featurette courtesy of the studio's UK arm.

Sharknado 2 Surpasses the Original to Be Syfy's Most Watched Original Movie Ever!

Syfy’s pop culture sensation Sharknado 2: The Second One devoured the competition during last night’s July 30th premiere, becoming the channel’s most watched Original Movie ever! Sharknado 2: The Second One (review here) gobbled up 3.9 million total viewers.


File this one under "How the Hell Is This News?" You know, no one understands the allure of a mysterious woman in black more than I do, but people in Winchester, Virginia, are taking this bit of not-so-paranormal catnip to a much higher level.

First Look at the Verlox Creature in ABC's The Quest

It should come as a shock to exactly no one that reality television hasn’t been real for years. Every “true life” TV show you’re a fan of, from "Pawn Stars" to "Hell’s Kitchen" and everything in between, is scripted to some degree, sometimes to a lot of degrees.

Universal Studios' House of Horrors Closing Up Shop

First the Jaws attraction sets sail for the junkyard, and now this. Universal Studios' Universal House of Horrors attraction is closing its doors this coming September 1st. There's just no love for the classics anymore.

Unhappy Campers Abound in Bodom

Some people make fun of me for my aversion to camping, but the joke's on them! I've seen way too many movies to not know that no good ever comes from poking around in the woods where you do not belong. At the very least shitting behind a tree sucks. Need another example to embrace civilization?

James Wan and Dimension Films Set a Demonic Release Date

Though James Wan may be taking a break from directing horror films, that doesn't mean he has completely abandoned the genre. Wan recently produced a spook-show titled Demonic, which has just been given a release date courtesy of Dimension Films.

Rest in Peace: Legendary Make-Up Artist Dick Smith

There are few names in the make-up field as well known and respected as Dick Smith, a true pioneer who will go down in history as one of the all-time greats. We're very sad to report today that Smith has passed away, leaving behind a body of work that will endure until the end of time.

Get Locked Up with the Stonehearst Asylum Trailer and Artwork

Just yesterday we learned that Brad Anderson's new project has been renamed Stonehearst Asylum, and now we already have a look at its updated artwork and trailer. Check it out, and look for more soon!

Miss It Last Night? See the First Z Nation Trailer Here!

As we told you yesterday, Syfy and The Asylum premiered the first trailer for "Z Nation," the new zombie series airing later this year, during last night's debut of Sharknado 2: The Second One. In case you missed it, we have it for you right here!

Aaron's Blood Shed in Arizona

Word has just come in that production is currently under way in Sedona, Arizona, on the new indie feature from director Tommy Stovall, entitled Aaron's Blood. Read on for casting news and details.