Something Weird Happening Over on Full Moon Streaming

Something Weird is coming to FullMoonStreaming.com in a BIG way! Read on for probably one of the coolest (and weirdest) announcements you'll see all week... and that's saying something given that it's San Diego Comic-Con Week!

#SDCC14: Run Like Hell in San Diego to Get Your Poster Signed

Indie horror is trudging its way into the hallowed halls of the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, and as always we'll be there running around like maniacs trying to bring you all the sights and sounds you need on your radar. Read on for this first tidbit!

Exclusive Clip Offers a Raw Cut

We told you about Raw Cut, the flick about a group of kids who get slaughtered while making a found footage movie, a few days ago; and now, because we move so damned quickly, we have an exclusive clip and the first stills to go along with the previously released trailer. Dig 'em!

Powerman 5000's Spider One Directs His First Horrific Music Video

Spider One, the infamous founder of Powerman 5000, has directed his first music video. It's for "Kiss Me Kill Me" by the Los Angeles-based band Knee High Fox, and you can see it right here.

The Gasp Menagerie: Ancient Alien Overlords Depicted in Indian Rock Paintings

Ancient aliens visiting earth, guiding early man. In the 70's, with the popularity of Erich von Däniken's book and Harald Reinl's film Chariot of the Gods, they were a hot topic. The Nazca Lines, the Pyramids of Giza, and other ancient wonders suggest, to some, the use of technology unavailable to people of the period.

#SDCC14: More Images to Give You Goosebumps

The 2014 San Diego Comic-Con hasn't even begun yet, but that's not stopping the news breaking. Three new stills from the feature film adaptation of R.L. Stine's mega-successful Goosebumps series have arrived along with an official plot crunch. Read on!

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Bringing All-Time Worst TV Show Manimal to the Big Screen

It only ran on NBC for 8 episodes back in 1983. Its legacy is that of one of the worst television shows of all time, a title spoken about only as a punchline. Now Anchorman creators Will Ferrell and Adam McKay will bring “Manimal” to the big screen. We truly live in strange times.

Deus Ex Adaptation Finds a Writer

One of the best video games to come out over the last several years is without question Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and its much talked about feature film adaptation has scored itself a writer. Read on for the latest details and body modifications!

HBO's Westworld Series Finds First Two Stars!

We told you about HBO's pilot commitment for a series adaptation of Westworld, a 1973 film written and directed by Michael Crichton, back in August of 2013, but now that "True Blood" is getting set to hit the bricks, things are really picking up steam.

#SDCC14: San Diego Gets a Goosebumps Makeover

The lunacy of the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con is just about to begin, and Collider scored a few images of the artwork from the feature film adaptation of R.L. Stine's mega-successful Goosebumps series! Check 'em out right here, and look for more throughout the weekend.

#SDCC14: First Poster for Robert Kirkman's AIR

Just in time for the dreaded by journalists event of the year, the San Diego Comic-Con, we have a brand new one-sheet for AIR, which is coming to us from producer Robert Kirkman and stars Norman Reedus of Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" TV series.

Fantasia 2014: First Look at The Man in the Orange Jacket

Playing as part of the 2014 Fantasia Film Festival is Latvian film The Man in the Orange Jacket, directed by Aik Karapetian. Read on for the details of the flick, which has been described as a mix between a Lars von Trier film and Alexandre Aja’s High Tension.

Live-In Fear - First Trailer and Artwork

It's been well over a year since last we heard anything about the indie feature Live-In Fear, but that's about to change right now as we have the trailer, the artwork, and even some premiere news for you cats to chew on! Dig it!

New Clip Takes Us Directly Into the Storm

To complement the Instagram sneak peek from a few days ago, Warner Bros. Pictures has released a proper clip from its upcoming nature-run-amok movie Into the Storm. Look for it when it arrives in theatres on August 8th! In the interim grab an umbrella just to be safe.

Fantasia 2014: An Image Gallery for the Housebound

On tap right now is an image gallery for the upcoming horror flick Housebound, which is playing as part of the Fantasia 2014 Film Festival. Get comfy and sit back because you're gonna be here awhile. Check 'em out!