American Gods Creators Tease the Storm That’s Brewing

There’s a storm brewing in the upcoming Starz series “American Gods,” and along with all the goodies we’ve seen thus far, in this new video we hear from the creators themselves! “American Gods,” an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed contemporary… Continue Reading

American Gods: Episodes 1-4 (TV Series)

Developed by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green Starring Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Ian McShane, Pablo Schreiber Airing on Starz I wasn’t really excited for the “American Gods” show. I know, great idea to start off my review by alienating 90%… Continue Reading

See the Colorful Character Posters for American Gods

Earlier today we let slip the synopses for the first four episodes of Starz’s “American Gods,” but the network asked us to hold off on any spoilers until a bit closer to the show’s premiere date so stay tuned for… Continue Reading

Ian McShane Joins Starz’s American Gods as Mr. Wednesday

Our excitement about Starz’s upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” just got a big boost with the news that Ian McShane (“Deadwood,” “American Horror Story: Asylum”) has joined the cast as Mr. Wednesday. The series will begin shooting in April.… Continue Reading

Go Behind the Scenes of Jack the Giant Killer With This New Featurette

Source Name: Apple Source Url: Post Thumb: /nov12/jackgiants.jpg Curious about what went into the making of Jack the Giant Slayer? Then you’ll want to check out this new featurette that’s home to interviews with the cast and crew along… Continue Reading

Fifth TV Spot for Jack the Giant Slayer

Post Thumb: /nov12/jackgiants.jpg A fifth TV spot has landed for Jack the Giant Slayer that is full of running and jumping and flying through the air. Will you be catching the film when it arrives on March 1st? Jack the… Continue Reading

Jack the Giant Slayer Image Gallery #2: Meet the Humans

Post Thumb: /nov12/jackgiants.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb1x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb2x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb3x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb4x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb5x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb6x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb7x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb8x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb9x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb10x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb11x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb12x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb13x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb14x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb15x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb16x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb17x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb18x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb19x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb20x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb21x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb22x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb23x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayerb24x’ The other day we showed you several of the giants Jack… Continue Reading

Jack the Giant Slayer Image Gallery #1: Meet the Monsters

Post Thumb: /nov12/jackgiants.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera1x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera2x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera3x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera4x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera5x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera6x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera7x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera8x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera9x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera10x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera11x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera12x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera13x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera14x’, ‘/gallery/jackthegiantslayer/jackthegiantslayera15x’ There’s one reason and one reason only why we’re covering Jack the Giant Slayer: It has monsters. Giant monsters in… Continue Reading

Fourth TV Spot for and Valentine’s Day Greeting from Jack the Giant Slayer

Post Thumb: /nov12/jackgiants.jpg Another TV spot has arrived for Jack the Giant Slayer along with a Valentine’s Day greeting from the film’s star, Nicholas Hoult, an expanded synopsis, and a new one-sheet we haven’t seen yet that looks a lot… Continue Reading

New Trailer and UK Quad Poster Unveiled for Jack the Giant Slayer

Source Name: Digital Spy Source Url: Post Thumb: /nov12/jackgiants.jpg As promised last week, Warner Bros. released a new trailer for Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Slayer today, and they also threw in the UK quad poster for the flick… Continue Reading