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Set on the Isle of Gran Manan, off the coast of Nova Scotia, a CEO urgently assembles a tenacious team of blue-collar mercenaries to rescue his daughter, a brilliant scientist trapped in a research camp after a mysterious accident. However, their mission takes a treacherous turn as they discover that the island is entwined in a sinister wormhole, resetting time every three days, while nightmarish creatures lurk in the shadows. As the mercenaries delve deeper into the island's mysteries, the unsettling truth dawns upon them - escaping may demand the ultimate sacrifice, where survival hinges on a harrowing dance with time, space, and their own fears.

DREAD Presents #47


  • Director and Cast Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Making Of Island Escape Featurette
  • Official Trailer
  • DREAD Trailers


  • Feature – 86 min/1hr 26min
  • Trailer – Runtime: 2 min
  • 5.1 English
  • 2.0 English
  • English SDH
  • Spanish SDH
  • Region Free

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